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Welcome to the Coaches' and Managers' pages for Pocklington RUFC

Become a coach or volunteer in another capacity

The club is run entirely by volunteers and being a coach or volunteering at the club is a very rewarding experience. Indicative role specifications for all roles can be found here - for full details please contact the M&J Chair.

We are always looking for new coaches and volunteers to help spread the load. Although not onerous, there are however, some requirements that everyone needs to meet to keep the boys and girls safe while at the club. Details are as follows:

Volunteer application form

All new coaches/volunteers must complete the RFU volunteer application form and return it to the Safeguarding Officer. This is then reviewed by the Safeguarding Officer and the Club Chairman or M&J Chairman as appropriate.

Safeguarding introduction

Before you can apply for a DBS check and become a coach/volunteer you must complete the safeguarding awareness course. The course ensures that everyone has a grasp of the basics in relation to safeguarding, including being able to recognise potentially abusive situations and understand how to report concerns. Booked via the Course Administration Centre, it will take 30-40 minutes to complete; it is free, open to all. Click here to login and book.

DBS - compulsory for all volunteers

All coaches/volunteers must undergo a DBS check within 4 weeks of taking up a role at the club - click below to contact the Safeguarding Officer to begin the process.

Finally all coaches must underatke the "Rugby Ready" training - please click here to visit and complete this free introductory course.


We strongly encourage all involved with rugby to complete the "Headcase" concussion training - it is free and open to all - click here for the training

Coaching resources

As well as coaching courses (such as the England Rugby Coaching Award or ERCA) other coaching resources can be found on the RFU website:

Coaching resources          Coaching webinars          Coaching video library

For DBS checked coaches the club will cover pre-agreed course costs. Please speak to the Coaching Coordinator or M&J Chair for details 

Regulation 15

Age Grade (Minis and Juniors) rugby is governed by RFU Regulation 15 - please click here to view the regulation with which all coaches should be familiar. if you have any queries please contact the Club Coaching Coordinator for clarification.


Thanks to Malton and Norton RUFC from whose website this idea was taken

This page is a focal point for coaching and team management resources - for general policies please click here.